SEO: The Website Savior

If you ever find that your website is not getting the site visit it deserves, maybe it’s time you let SEO experts take a look at it. With millions of websites already on the internet, building it and letting people know that it’s out there isn’t so simple anymore. Factors such as keyword densities, content relevance, website maturity, duplicate content, and link building are just some of the things that you must take into consideration if ever you want your website to be noticed.

Search Engine Optimization began during the onset of the commercial web.

SEO Search engine optimization One guy (let’s call him Jack) found out that many people are searching for shoes on a search engine and wondered what if he did something to his website to get on top of the search results so that people would buy from him instead. So, he did some digging and determined exactly what it is that makes a search engine put a website on top of the list. Applying those factors to his website made him a very, very rich man – he sold more shoes thanks to the many site visits that the search engine provided.

Eventually, Jill came along and saw what Jack did so she manipulated her website as well, to try to achieve the same results. This continuous cycle is how SEO started basically. It takes a totally unknown website and turns them into powerhouses.

The year now is 2015 and times have changed. The different factors that contribute to a high PageRank has never been so complicated. In the past, back when Yahoo was the big fish in the pond, sites were ranked based on who was able to pay to most. Yahoo employed a “pay-to-play” service, wherein anybody who wishes to have a high rank with the Yahoo search engine has to pay a particular amount. This made the playing field unfair since not all website owners can afford it. Now, Google came along and practically set an even playing field for everybody.

Google started out as a thesis project back in 1998. They were the ones who developed the “PageRank” algorithm used in modern search engines today. It made use of website citations to rank websites. This means a website’s rank is determined by the number of reputable websites linking back at them. If CNN, The New York Times, or any other famous websites have links going to your website, that will greatly increase your PageRank, which then in turn increases your site’s chances of being the number one result in a search.

This basically pushed web designers to put relevant and unique content on their websites. As long as your content is unique and well-written, then reputable websites are more likely to link back to you. This gives everybody a fighting chance to be ranked number one.

Manipulating these factors is exactly what SEO is about. Increasing content relevance, increasing PageRank, and optimizing for keywords are just some of the task involved in SEO. This is very important in making sure that your site gets the number of visits per day. These visits can later be converted into Ad revenue or product sales.

Investing on the right people to do your SEO is also very important. There are some SEO companies out there who employ certain prohibited techniques or “black hat” techniques which may lower your PageRank and decrease revenue conversion. Google have become smarter since they first started as a search engine. In the past, people found loopholes on how to increases PageRank by buying citations from other websites. This means if a company wants to increase their PageRank, all they have to do is go to a particular website and then buy links that link back to the website of the buyer.

s e oThis is again another way of cheating and makes the playing field unfair. Google has found a way to root out these kinds of “black hat” techniques and will outright remove your website from search results. This will definitely put all your investment to waste. The worst part in all of this is that if your SEO company does these “black hat” techniques and Google found out, you’d be on your own – moreover, your site might never be able to recover from the search giant’s punishment.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the SEO Company you get is trustworthy. This is exactly where we come in. We as a company strive to make sure that our clients get the results they desire. We take pride in what we do in the SEO field and we never make compromises when it comes to quality. We will make sure that your website gets the ranking it deserves and we would do it “the right way” – no risk, no fear of losing your investment and no headache for you. So contact us now and let us, the experts, show you how it is done.

Search Engine Optimization, do it the right way with us and we guarantee that you will have more than satisfactory results in no time. Be wise, keep your eyes on the prize and let us do your SEO for you.