Q. So what is Topia Online, and why would I want to play it?
A. Topia Online is a ‘sandbox’ MMORPG. This means that the design goals are to provide players with the freedom to play it the way they want. The game is built for players that want to be part of a living and breathing persistent society.

Q. What rules are in place, and what can I do?
A. The core aspects of Topia Online are the fact that your character is ‘always logged in’, death is severe, and there are no established rules aside from basic game mechanics such as mining and building. Also, all characters in the game world are controlled by players. You can do virtually anything that you choose to do, but everything in the game requires resources.

Q. What platforms will the game be available on?
A. We are dedicated to making the game accessible and user-friendly on all platforms, including mobile devices and tablets. Although the game runs in any browser, we will also be providing native clients as needed.

Q. Will the graphics be improved?
A. We plan on making numerous improvements to the graphics engine, including dynamic shadows, post-processing, cleaner animations, physics, and other advanced effects. However, it’s important that we keep them simple so that we can rapidly add content to the game world. Also, our emphasis is on animations and style. Our team is dedicated to providing an immersive experience, and we will continue to improve the graphics in order to achieve that.

Q. Are severe death penalties a good idea?
A. We feel that significant penalties for death provides a realistic consequence to player actions. Additionally, this is not the type of MMORPG that you will ‘die often’. Nor will you have to ‘grind skills’. Your character’s estate belongs to your game account, so many things will persist. Additionally, the community can easily help you get back on your feet by sending you ‘influence’ and items. Our team is carefully balancing the game system to ensure that nobody becomes frustrated by death.

Q. Unrestricted PvP makes me uncomfortable, can I still enjoy the game?
A. We’re building countless systems to enable players to enforce law and to properly protect themselves. Moreover, there are little rewards for killing another player. With severe death penalties in place, we find that PvP is more of a calculated process, and won’t be as ‘random’ as other MMORPGs.

Q. Do I have to know how to program to play the game?
A. Although many players are excited to use the scripting tools that come with Topia Online, no programming is neccessary to enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Not only is there a vast script marketplace that you can use, but players will constantly be adding custom interfaces and tools to the game. We wanted a scripting engine so that the community could help grow the game’s features.

Q. Couldn’t I just script myself to have some sort of ‘god mode’?
A. Scripts can only execute within the context of the situation. For example, if you are creating a spell, it will only be able to do as much damage as the caster’s magical power. The point of the scripting system is to give the players more control over the effects. However, they are still limited by the resources and power of the character using the scripts.

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