Unlike other MMORPGs, Topia Online’s development process is driven by you, the community. All players have the ability to vote and request new features for Topia Online. Our development team is focused on delivering content that the players want added to the game. Players with higher account packages will receive additional votes. You may change your vote at any time, and once a development item is complete, you will be able to use the votes for new items. Although our focus is to implement things based on ‘popular vote’, we still have to juggle tasks depending on our own resources. For example, if our team consists of 2 developers and 2 artists, then we can only work on X development tasks and Y art tasks. Therefore, some items may get finished before others at times. Our team will strive to update the ‘% complete’ on items at least once per week.

Your game account can belong to up to three guilds. This will allow you to create characters that are automatically joined into the guild(s) of your choice. However, you are not required to have a character in-game which belongs to the guilds that you have created.
A guild’s recognition and growth is defined by the leader’s skills and also members that hold ‘officer’ positions in the guild. The guild will receive ‘perks’ depending on the skills that officers possess. If there are no living characters to represent a guild as leader and officers, the guild will not be recognized, regardless of the other members. Only the guild creator can disband the guild and set guild permissions/ranks.

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